AdMob Review – Review of AdMob for Publishers

AdMob Review – Review of AdMob for Publishers

AdMob is a Google-owned ad network that allows developers and publishers to monetize their mobile apps with relevant ads from a huge inventory of advertisers (over one million). Developers simply need to sign up for a free account and install the SDK into their app.  AdMob offers efficient support and a large set of tools necessary for successful monetization of apps and boosting revenues from ads displayed in the app.

The offered toolkit includes extensive ads adjustment options, excellent mediation service and convenient access to the pool of global advertisers seeking platforms to place ads. AdMob can be used by both basic and advanced app publishers. The simplest way to use AdMob is to create standard-sized ads to appear in your app and to be filled using the Google mobile ad network. You’ll split any revenue earned with the network (approximately 40% goes to Google) and your earnings will be deposited into your account each month (assuming you meet the $100 payment threshold).

Developers are also given access to advertisements from Google ads pool with opportunity to choose the format of these ads to match the type of the app in which the ads will be demonstrated. This function is called native ads (beta) and is currently being intensively tested. Ads filtering option goes by default so developers can ban ads stemming from general categories like Cars, Fashion etc. Along with access to robust Google toolkit and databases clients can achieve higher CPM, significantly improve fill rates and use excellent services of network mediation and optimization. The integrated set of analytical and tracking tools will perform major part of the job, allowing customers to compare and make decisions about efficiency of different ad networks based on real time data and accurate evaluation of results.

The company provides ample set of help resources, including extensive FAQ section, forums, thematic help manuals and contact form to ask questions if the answer is not to be found in the abovementioned areas.

All in all, AdMob is a true pathfinder in the area of mobile advertising and its merging with Google made it a very impressive competitor on the market and an efficient aide of developers and advertisers.

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